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Our mission is to usher in the spirit of Halloween

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Halloween Treats A Brew of Poems
Halloween Treats A Brew of Poems  
Our CD’s and App are perfect for bed time stories, parties, teacher lesson plans, amplified soundscapes for the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood and much more.
Our Artist
Dolores is the author of our HalloweenTreats.com poems. Her poems have been enjoyed by millions in Newspapers and on the Internet. She is also a published author, song writer and award winning Artist. Major Software companies have featured Dolores' songs on their software.
Nolen is a business owner, and has also been involved in the development of software products for major software companies. He is a consultant to HalloweenTreats.com.
Darren is the founder and President of Thorn Entertainment. Often referred to as the "David Foster" of Children's Entertainment; he is a professional pianist, composer, educator, animator, audio engineer, webmaster, game designer, story teller, songwriter and business man. Major Labels and Companies have featured Darren's songs on their albums and software.
Maggie is the Vice-President of Thorn Entertainment. She is an electronics engineer, graphic artist, illustrator and software programmer.
One of the most famous voice actresses of all time,
"A Star … one of the most diverse voice talents in games" New York Times
Ms. Minella's hundreds of roles have been featured by almost every major Gaming Software, Movie and Television studio in America.
Doren is a True Shakespearian actor and is co-owner of Traveling Lantern Theatre company, He takes pride in employing numerous actors to perform around the world.
Ashley has performed with The Boston Pops "Best of Broadway", She has toured with the epic musical Les Miserables and later with the smash hit Wicked. She has also been featured on popular software titles and television programs.
JoJo is a film director at Thorn Entertainment. He is a professional cinematographer, photographer, and multi-talented musician. He is also an expert with post editing video and audio applications.
Forest Streeter loves to play guitar and hang out on the beach. His favorite music is rock and jazz and his favorite instrument is the electric guitar. He enjoys the ocean water and the beach lifestyle of beautiful Southern California.
Material in this Halloween Treats App is a registered copyright of Thorn Entertainment.


We are grateful for your business and would like to show our appreciation with a free weekly Spooky SFX during the month of October. Immense work and pride went in to the making of this Halloween Poem Treat and we hope it makes your Halloween season a little more exciting.

Refund Policy
Because our products are non-tangible and are available in sample downloads, our clients are able to test and try the products before buying them. For this reason, we discourage refunds as a matter of policy; however, compensation can be made under special circumstances. We'd certainly appreciate an email explaining the nature of your dissatisfaction. In the event that you are not able to download our product within the time limit or download limit, we will be happy to reset the limit for you. If for any reason you are not able to download our product, we will refund your purchase. If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please email us at thorn5@pacbell.net